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Sunday 23rd - Saturday 29th August 2015

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The Full "Corn" Moon is warning you that if youíre feeling at all low, then youíd better listen to what your body is telling you. This is not a time for being too ambitious or for stressing yourself out. If you are able to, rest up for a couple of days and it will soon pass.
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The Full "Corn" Moon illuminating your chart's hopes and dreams sector is an ideal opportunity for you to look back over everything that the last few months have brought you and to start thinking about projects in the months to come. Write down your plans and stick them in a prominent place so you can't help but notice them - because your friends and acquaintances will unite to make long-term goals and dreams seem more possible and able to be realised.
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The Full "Corn" Moon falls in your chart's aspirations sector, so this is a good opportunity to put the finishing touches to any projects or tasks that will show off your talents. Should you be fed up with your current job, you might start thinking about finding something that's better paid or more emotionally rewarding. Mercury, your ruler, is moving into your chart's most social sector, so matters related to abroad seem to be important. Furthermore, foreigners in your circle are at their most sociable and you'll be inundated with invitations to enjoy yourself; whilst doing so, there's going to be plenty of opportunity for casual romance.
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The Full "Corn" Moon this week will put your philosophies to the test in some way, and you may have to get to grips with ideas that have seemed far-fetched or ridiculous in the past. This wonít be very easy at first, but they will finally start to seem much more feasible or credible than before. The more open-minded you can be about this, the better.
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The Full "Corn" Moon is affecting your relationships and the people you rely on. Full Moons are always good opportunities to tidy up loose ends or to bring difficult situations to a conclusion, so get cracking on anything that fits these descriptions now. It will be a relief not to have it hanging over you any more.
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The Full "Corn" Moon this week indicates that it's time for you to sort out the current difficulties that are besetting some of your relationships, especially if you've been procrastinating about making such a move. The longer you leave things, the worse they'll get - so donít drag your feet any more. Bite the bullet and do whatever you know to be necessary. Your ruler Mercury moves into your chart's wealth zone, so you will gain goodwill as well as more money from travelling, paperwork and perhaps a fresh outlook on life too. Should you have a Gemini or another Virgo in your circle, they might be giving you some good advice - so maybe you should listen.
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The Full "Corn" Moon is reminding you to think hard about your health and your work. This is your chance to sort out any problems on either of those fronts, because Full Moons are always an opportunity to bring difficulties to an end or to do something constructive about them. So if youíre fed up with the current situation, the time has now arrived to take action.
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With the Full "Corn" Moon illuminating your chart's romance and creativity sector, now's the time to think carefully about some of your loved ones and to iron out any difficulties with them. This will be a lot easier than you think, so donít delay any longer than is necessary. Should you be about to put the finishing touches to a creative project, it could bring you a lot more acclaim than you were expecting.
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The Full "Corn" Moon this week puts the accent on your home and family life, and is reminding you that it's time to sort out any domestic problems that have been hanging over you. Itís also highly likely that you've got to find a balance between the demands of your family and your work, in order to keep everyone happy. But you may have to be cruel to be kind in some way first.
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The Full "Corn" Moon falls in the area of your chart devoted to the mind, which may be a little bit befuddled from time to time. Perhaps it would be a good idea for you to do a considerable amount of double-checking in order to prevent yourself from looking a bit of a fool in front of loved ones, or perhaps even your boss
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The Full "Corn" Moon illuminates your chart's wealth zone, so itís a very good opportunity for you to make some decisions about your cash. If you've been bogged down in a financial fog lately, youíre now in a very good position to do something about it once and for all. You've realised that you canít carry on like this for much longer.
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The Full "Corn" Moon illuminating your own sign this week is the perfect opportunity to sort out any situations that you aren't happy with, and also to tie up any loose ends that are currently littering your life. Having a good clear-out and throwing away any belongings you no longer need will be very therapeutic.

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