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Sunday 4th - Saturday 10th December 2016

Take a look at our Aries Gift Ideas Venus is giving you the green light to surround yourself with friends as often as possible now, because you'll revel in their company. Should your social circle have shrunk recently for some reason, youíre now in the best possible position to do something about it. Consider joining a club or organisation that caters for some of your interests, so you'll already have something in common with the people you meet there. Come on, itís worth a try!

Take a look at our Taurus Gift Ideas Venus, your ruler, in your chart's aspirations sector means that romance and business will go together now, perhaps when youíre very attracted to someone you work with. There could also be a strong rapport between you and someone who's either much older or younger than you, but neither of you will notice the generation gap.

Take a look at our Gemini Gift Ideas Venus moves into the section of your chart devoted to adventure and long-distance travel, so it looks as though you could be spending money on a holiday before too long. You could also be romantically involved with a foreigner, or become smitten with a foreign country. Higher education or philosophical/religious contacts could have a part in making good things happen.

Take a look at our Cancer Gift Ideas Venus, the planet of love, moving into your chart's sexual affairs zone means that your close relationships will be much more harmonious than of late. You'll also find it easier to get on with the people you rely on in life, and it will be a particularly favourable time to reach agreements with them. Singletons amongst you who are looking for a mate could strike it lucky now.

Take a look at our Leo Gift Ideas With Venus (the planet of love) in your chart's relationships sector, this is a wonderful time for love. Whether youíre going to meet someone new or feel ready to move on to the next phase in your relationship, the omens are good for sharing and partnership. Even those of you who are single will find plenty to rave about. Donít go it alone now Ė reach out and make connections. This is a time to enjoy and appreciate your ties to others, and to seek and promote harmony in the interaction between people.

Take a look at our Virgo Gift Ideas Venus throws a healthy glow over daily routine, health matters and your relationships with your colleagues. Should you be asked to combine business with pleasure then do so, because there's a touch of luck about this. Whether you do so or not is entirely up to you.

Take a look at our Libra Gift Ideas Venus, your ruler, moving into your chart's creative sector means this is a good time for casual romance, anything artistic or sporty. On a professional level, should your job be the slightest bit creative, you'll be putting out some good work and impressing those around you - can't be bad!

Take a look at our Scorpio Gift Ideas With Venus (the planet of love) in your chart's home life zone, this is a great time for romance, so make your move now and you wonít regret it. You have a love of home and a deep appreciation for security and the private life. For once, you value your limits and domestic situation - the ties that bind.

Take a look at our Sagittarius Gift Ideas Events this week could change your outlook, as Venus moves into your chart's communications sector, so do not try to look too far ahead or make a premature decision. What you learn from someone could make you see how many options you now have. What they have to say could take you by surprise. It could also start you thinking in a positive new way about a project that you had lost faith in. Listen carefully to advice.

Take a look at our Capricorn Gift Ideas Venus moves into your chart's wealth zone, filling you with the temptation to spend money on treats and objects you find beautiful. You'll have to be careful if youíre supposed to be saving money, because whenever you feel down you'll want to splash out on something that makes you feel better. Of course it won't have to cost a fortune, but somehow you'll instinctively be drawn to luxurious items with a massive price tag.

Take a look at our Aquarius Gift Ideas Your popularity is on the increase and your social life will keep you pretty busy as Venus moves into your own sign this week. There could even be occasions when you've had more than one invitation and are so spoilt for choice. The singletons amongst you could find that this is the time when your single status changes and you fall in love with your very own Prince or Princess Charming. The very thought could send you scurrying off to the shops in order to look your best. Enjoy the extra attention youíll receive from the opposite sex at the same time as schmoozing and using your contacts at work.

Take a look at our Pisces Gift Ideas Venus, the planet of love, moves into the most romantic area of your chart, putting you in a very tender-hearted mood. You'll be feeling seductive and sentimental, which wonít go unnoticed by certain people. You could discover that you have a secret fan, and you may even find yourself playing one admirer off against another. However, this will put you in a difficult position and you'll soon feel guilty that you aren't being fair to everyone concerned. Youíre far too honest for such games.

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Christmas Gift Collections