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Take a look at our Aries Gift Ideas With your ruler Mars energising your chart's most escapist zone, you'll be going through a phase in which it won't be as easy as usual to motivate yourself. At times you'll struggle to make yourself do things, which isn't like you at all. It will be puzzling, but it's nothing to worry about unless you fall into the trap of being so passive that others are able to overtake you or take advantage of you. If that happens, you'll have to pull your socks up and get back to reality.

Take a look at our Taurus Gift Ideas Mars energising your chart's social zone indicates that there could be a lot of stress in your encounters with friends and acquaintances. You could get impatient with them if they aren't functioning at the speed you would like, but it would be better to slow down and take things more gently. Unless, of course, you’re looking for an excuse to have a row with them.

Take a look at our Gemini Gift Ideas With Mars energising your chart's ambitions sector, this is a good time to get the extra work done on the job or put in that overtime. An urge is upon you to apply yourself and be very clear and practical. You may be able to excel in whatever kind of work you do. However, challenging authority and striving for success are on your agenda now. Ambition is a powerful motivation and can lead you into conflict if you let it get out of control. Properly channeled, it results in great achievements and brings recognition.

Take a look at our Cancer Gift Ideas Mars energising your chart's knowledge and travel zone means that you'll be feeling much more intrepid than usual and will jump at the prospect of a challenge. You might even find yourself doing things that you’d normally consider too outlandish or bizarre for comfort.

Take a look at our Leo Gift Ideas Mars energising your chart's sexual affairs zone this week means that who controls what and how to make sure you get what you want are foremost concerns now. This is a sexy and powerful kind of experience at some levels. A need to prove yourself can lead to all kinds of challenges, can lead to a new you that leaves the old behind like an outgrown shell.

Take a look at our Virgo Gift Ideas Close relationships and other ties between people become a focus for much of your energy now, as Mars energises your chart's relationships sector. New partnerships are entered into; old ones are renewed or else they get left behind. You try your strength against another's, learn to co-operate or seek to conquer.

Take a look at our Libra Gift Ideas A more dynamic phase in your career is about to begin as Mars energises your chart's career zone. Because you are so down-to-earth and focused, you can overcome resistance to your plans, so concentrate on reaching an ambitious goal. A period when you take your work more seriously than usual has just begun. A lot of energy goes into getting things scheduled and organised. The nail that sticks up gets hammered down. You may feel like taking care of some details that have piled up or just have that extra energy to clean up your act.

Take a look at our Scorpio Gift Ideas Do not hesitate to strike out on your own and leave the beaten track as you can blaze a trail and leave potential rivals far behind, with Mars energising your chart's creative sector. You feel more creative and expressive, less conservative and restrained. A sense of confidence and motivation may send you in new directions.

Take a look at our Sagittarius Gift Ideas Mars energising your chart's home life zone suggests that you should concentrate on giving reassurance to someone you are involved with, rather than on looking for adventure or excitement. New horizons may be beckoning but you need to shore up your position first, so deal with what is happening around you and when the moment comes to take action, you will be ready. Positive and life-enhancing changes in your domestic situation are at hand.

Take a look at our Capricorn Gift Ideas Mars energising your chart's communications zone shows that a loved one or a long-term partner might seem reserved or hard to handle. If you widen your social circle, or just see old friends, it could help them see a recent problem in perspective. So wait until their mood has changed before you bring up certain issues as you could be tempted to speak out of turn.

Take a look at our Aquarius Gift Ideas With Mars energising your chart's wealth zone, you'll need to be very strict when it comes to spending money, otherwise you could part with much more than you intended. The trouble is that once you start, you either won’t know when to stop or you won’t want to either. Even so, this is an ideal time for making a big purchase or investment if you can afford it, and it could turn out to be a very wise move.

Take a look at our Pisces Gift Ideas This is a time of new beginnings in your life as Mars energises your own sign this week. You have the urge to strike out on your own in a new direction, to take on new challenges no matter what the risks. You can be bold, perhaps headstrong and impatient - you go where angels fear to tread.

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