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These are free general Horoscopes for entertainment purposes only. Therefore no further interpretation or analysis can be given, nor correspondence entered into.


Take a look at our Aries Gift Ideas With Mercury moving into your chart's relationships zone, the best way to understand other people is to talk to them at every opportunity. Otherwise, you'll be left guessing about their needs and motives, and you could easily get things wrong as a result. This is a very good time for any negotiations and discussions, because you're eager to hear what others have to say. But donít be too keen to reach compromises - it's far better for you to hold out for what you think is right.

Take a look at our Taurus Gift Ideas As Mercury moves into your chart's heath and work sector, you may not be feeling 100% and you'll find that colleagues have plenty of advice or help for you. So, there's no need for you to struggle on alone - reach out to others. You might also make some extra money at work, perhaps when youíre offered a pay rise or bonus.

Take a look at our Gemini Gift Ideas Your ruler Mercury is moving into your chart's most social sector, so matters related to abroad seem to be important. Furthermore, foreigners in your circle are at their most sociable and you'll be inundated with invitations to enjoy yourself; whilst doing so, there's going to be plenty of opportunity for casual romance.

Take a look at our Cancer Gift Ideas With Mercury moving into the sector of you chart governing your roots, your thoughts start to move in the direction of the past, putting you in quite a sentimental and nostalgic frame of mind at times. Although you'll enjoy mulling over old memories, do your best not to neglect the present because youíre so wrapped up in the past. Nevertheless, you could hear from someone who's been quite a stranger recently, and that will trigger a fresh wave of memories.

Take a look at our Leo Gift Ideas Mercury moving into your chart's communications zone makes you want to be extra active and gregarious. There will be times when you'll find it almost impossible to sit still and you'll want to be on the move as much as possible. Short journeys will be interesting, enjoyable and productive, and you'll make some new contacts in the process. You'll also get a buzz out of putting pen to paper, whether youíre writing letters or keeping your diary up to date.

Take a look at our Virgo Gift Ideas Mercury - your ruler - moves into your chart's wealth zone, so you will gain goodwill as well as more money from travelling, paperwork and perhaps a fresh outlook on life too. Should you have a Gemini or another Virgo in your circle, they might be giving you some good advice - so maybe you should listen.

Take a look at our Libra Gift Ideas Mercury enters your own sign this week and in doing so makes you feel more chatty than you've been for a long while. At last youíre more confident about sharing your thoughts with others, so they'll find you more forthcoming than of late. You'll also have lots of nervous energy to get rid of, and it'll make you feel restless and on edge unless you can get out and about as much as possible.

Take a look at our Scorpio Gift Ideas Mercury moving into your chart's most secretive zone puts you in a rather more reflective and quiet mood, making you much less eager to share your thoughts with others. Even so, you could benefit from confiding in someone, provided you trust them absolutely not to broadcast your innermost secrets to all and sundry. Failing that, you might like to write your thoughts down in a diary and keep them in a safe place.

Take a look at our Sagittarius Gift Ideas Mercury moves into your chart's social sector and heralds the start of a phase when friends and other contacts will play an important part in your life. This is also a good time for mixing business with pleasure, because youíre at your most charming right now and you'll be able to impress some very important people. However, go easy on the food and drink, otherwise you'll feel awful afterwards!

Take a look at our Capricorn Gift Ideas Mercury moving into your chart's ambitions zone this week gives you the perfect opportunity to make some creative changes in your work environment, especially if it's been getting you down lately. You might even be inspired to apply for a new job or seek promotion, and the planets are certainly working in your favour now.

Take a look at our Aquarius Gift Ideas Mercury moves into the area of your chart that rules travel and education - and something is going to arouse your curiosity and you'll enjoy learning more. It's time to give your grey cells a little exercise - whether you do this for pleasure or profit. Right now, you aren't content with your current level of knowledge and want to increase it in some way. You might even be thinking of taking a college course or learning a foreign language.

Take a look at our Pisces Gift Ideas As Mercury moves into your chart's power sector, this is a great time for talking with anyone who has a big impact on your heart or your bank balance. The more open and honest you can be with them, the more successful your conversations will be.

Legal Disclaimer: Under UK law, horoscopes and readings are deemed to be for entertainment purposes only and do not represent legal, financial, medical or other specialist advice.

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