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Each week we consult the 78 Tarot Cards and draw a card for each of the 12 zodiac signs. So, what do the Tarot cards have to tell you?

Sunday 30th August - Saturday 5th September 2015

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3 of Pentacles - Hard work will bring results when this card appears. It shows that you have already carried out the groundwork of a scheme or project connected with material matters, property or business, and you are now ready to work on the finer details. If you do so, you can expect rewards and acclaim for your efforts. This might be a financial reward or it could be a deep sense of satisfaction and pride. You combine practical skills with your business talents. You have creative ability and great potential.
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5 of Cups - A sense of disappointment, regret, loss or even grief accompanies this card. It often appears when a relationship has come to an end or when thereís an enforced separation between you and a loved one. You may find it hard to contemplate the future with much optimism or may be completely wrapped up in your misery. Instead of focussing on what youíve lost, you need to concentrate on what still remains, and to make the most of it.
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Ace of Pentacles - You are being urged to get a new business venture off the ground or to begin any scheme or idea that means a lot to you. This might be moving to a new house or improving your current home, or something else that will boost your sense of self-esteem. Money is usually on the horizon when this card appears, and it may arrive in the form of a gift, a windfall, a win or a pay rise. A traditional meaning is the gift of a ring Ė is a wedding in the offing?
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The Empress - You are going to make a very important or significant connection with someone, and though it's only the initial stage of an action or union, the gears will be set in motion. You will long for love and affection and want very much to express the things in your heart but cannot, and you will not be content to be just a surface lover. Heed your feelings or instincts and not your intellect, and learn to trust your feelings more.
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2 of Cups - The literal meaning of this card is two hearts, so it refers to a particular relationship. Itís an excellent card if you have chosen to go into partnership with someone, or will soon have an important meeting with them, for whatever reason. Love and understanding between you and your partner make you strong and invincible. This card may foretell a new friendship, love affair, engagement or marriage. Alternatively, it can signify the signing of a contract Ė anything from a marriage licence to a rental agreement.
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7 of Swords - You long to escape from an unpleasant situation. It may involve being evasive or economical with the truth, cutting your losses or having to lose face in some way. Itís time for using your intelligence, charm, diplomacy and, possibly, guile. Sometimes this card warns that someone will take advantage of you by ripping you off or deceiving you, so you should be on your guard. Occasionally, it may mean itís you who is being dishonest.
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10 of Wands - You'll have a lot of work to accomplish, because a new way of life is emerging (both personally and professionally), and you'll have to complete the old and embark on the new simultaneously. In business or material affairs, wait until the proper action becomes evident. Until then, persevere or finish what you started. But in matters of the heart, don't waste your time on an impossible relationship. You will be in the dark about your love life or will wonder what is going on with your lover and wish they would contact you or let you know.
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6 of Swords - A negative period will end, a new partnership will be established, and you will be involved in a new project or enterprise where both parties are in accord. However, a certain problem is not going to go away of its own accord. You must alter your stance or take action to resolve it. A promising romantic situation will turn out to be a disappointment. Expect a delay or more of what you don't want.
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5 of Swords - In spite of everything, you will confront issues head on and tackle every crisis one by one. Consider the source, and avoid dwelling on the negative side of things. Don't allow an inconsistent or indecisive attitude to get the upper hand. Use positive affirmations, and count your wins, no matter how small. You will be longing for love but won't settle for someone who sells you short or doesn't return your affection in kind.
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3 of Swords - A stressful card, suggesting emotional difficulties or sorrow. This card could mean the end of a relationship, a sense of betrayal caused by infidelity, a breakdown in communications, a separation or bitter argument. Sometimes this card denotes an illness or medical procedure Ė anything from an injection to an operation. The problems will be resolved and out of bad good will come, especially if you are honest with yourself about what exactly is wrong. All your trials are part of overcoming the past.
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Knight of Wands - You are not afraid of the unknown. Travel is indicated, especially if it takes you far afield Ė you may move house or even emigrate. Alternatively, there may be visitors from another country. This card may also represent a person who is important to you now - itís someone who is generous, popular, sociable and outgoing. They can be unpredictable at times and are full of ideas that donít always come to anything. Nevertheless, they are good fun to be around.
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7 of Cups - Your faith in an idea or project will be dented, and you may feel as if you're losing all control. You won't know what to do and will want to take flight in order to escape, but you won't be able to make any clearcut decisions. Be thankful for all that you do have or have been given, and steer clear of negative thoughts or influences. Allowing for weakness can be disastrous in that it will undermine all the work you have done. You will experience a lot of vacillation in matters of the heart and will be looking for the right approach or the right mate. Or, you will have so many other things on your mind that love will be the furthest thing from it.

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