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Each week we consult the 78 Tarot Cards and draw a card for each of the 12 zodiac signs. So, what do the Tarot cards have to tell you?

Sunday 4th - Saturday 10th December 2016

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Queen of Wands - You are charming and sympathetic. A fertile mind and loving spirit ensures your popularity. You are practical. A woman who is very versatile figures in your life right now. Not only is she able to run her own home efficiently, but she also has plenty of outside interests. She’s a good hostess and people enjoy being with her because she’s so lively, warm-hearted and fascinating to talk to. She’s interested in other people and, as a result, is often the first person to hear people’s tales of woe. Despite being very good-natured, she will soon set anyone straight if they try to take advantage of her. Try to take on her qualities and listen to her advice.
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Page of Wands - This card can symbolise the start of an exciting new adventure, such as a wonderful holiday or an enjoyable journey. It can also mean that some important news is on the way. If the card represents a person, it’s someone who is enthusiastic, lively and high-spirited and important to you now. You are resourceful and loyal. You hear positive news. Your intentions are honourable and reliable.
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5 of Pentacles - A difficult card, this indicates that you are about to enter a temporary phase when something you truly value will be put in jeopardy. Money might be tight, a partner will be difficult or you may have doubts about a spiritual or religious belief. Sometimes you may view life from a very materialistic angle. Although this bleak patch will soon be over, it won’t be very pleasant while it lasts. Things look bad but they may not be as grim as they seem, provided you keep track of details and don’t let things slide.
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2 of Wands - This card represents someone who knows that they’re doing and who is being given a tremendous opportunity. This may be you or a person you’ll soon be dealing with. Either way, this is someone who knows they’re in a strong position and acts accordingly. There could be a business partnership on the way, or you may soon start negotiating over a property deal. You are responsible and mature. Your force and will turns ideas into reality. Your motives are noble.
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The Hierophant - Also known as the Pope, the Hierophant is a powerful card that may represent a person, but more usually refers to a situation. He symbolises beliefs that are traditional, conservative and wise. If the Hierophant does represent a person, it will be someone who acts as an advisor or a counsellor in some way. You should seek professional advice or confide in a friend whose opinion and views you truly respect. If the card represents a situation, it is one in which you should take the tried and tested approach. It is not a time to fly in the face of reason or to act unconventionally. Instead, you should act in a sensible, honest and trustworthy way. This card can also symbolise the need to find more meaning in life. Telling you to look deep inside yourself to discover your spiritual values.
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5 of Swords - It may be time for you to admit defeat over something, especially if it seems you’re banging your head against a brick wall. You should swallow your pride, accept your limitations and then concentrate on something at which you will succeed. This may involve a significant change of attitude or a climb-down, yet this will be in your best interests in the long run.
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The World - Previous hard work or sacrifices bring rich rewards when this card appears. Its simple message concerns achievement, praise and satisfaction. Like so many other Tarot cards, the World is all about change. It describes reaching the end of one satisfactory era and moving on to the next. If you have been wondering whether to change jobs or move house, the World is giving you the green light. Sometimes this card appears when you are about to give birth or when your grown-up children will soon leave home, in which case it represents the start of an enjoyable and exciting new phase. This card can also indicate travel, or even emigration, whether this is planned now or not. If you are thinking of going on holiday, this card suggests you should travel to somewhere you’ve never been before, especially if it’s exotic or steeped in history or culture.
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4 of Cups - A sense of discontentment and boredom is associated with this card. You are stuck in a rut or are so trapped by routine that life has ceased to hold any pleasure or excitement. Yet life is not nearly as dreary or mundane as you imagine, because there’s an opportunity in store. However, you must be far-sighted enough to recognise it – it may appear in an unexpected way or you may have to broaden your outlook on life before you can see what is being offered to you.
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10 of Cups - Lasting happiness and contentment, especially at home or among the family, will soon be yours. You will soon achieve your desires and have your dearest wishes granted. You will be surrounded by a great deal of love and will also be able to show it to other people. This is a wonderful card if you are about to get married or move in with someone.
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The Tower - Change is on the horizon. A dramatic turn of fate is about to enter your life and it may strike like a bolt from the blue. This may be an alteration to your circumstances, or it might be a change in your attitude. It will be a blow to your ego, so you may lose face, feel embarrassed or have to admit that you were wrong in some way. Although this experience may be unpleasant at the time, once the dust has settled you will be pleased that the change happened and may also feel proud of the way you’ve coped. Sometimes this card appears when you are discovering the truth about someone in your life. The person may let you down badly or reveal a new, unpleasant, side to their character. Although you will be unhappy about this at the time, eventually you will realise that you had a lucky escape.
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The High Priestess - Listen to the wisdom within, use your intuition and spiritual inspiration and trust your feelings. You will soon be learning new lessons and gaining fresh insight into the world, provided intuition, wisdom and knowledge are used. This card can sometimes represent a man or woman, often older than you, who will act as an adviser and helper. Alternatively, it may signify your own intuition and insight, telling you that you should follow your gut feelings and act on your hunches. If you are worried about something, this card suggests that you’re not yet in full possession of all the facts and should delay any important decisions until you have a better idea of what’s involved. This card can also represent learning – perhaps a formal period of study or a time when you will gain knowledge through your experience of life.
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King of Wands - Your honesty and courage make you a person of strength and fortitude, Others seek your advice. This card may represent a man who is important in your life - he is friendly and chatty and has a great sense of humour. His honest and conscientious approach to life makes him popular and highly respected. He’s at his best when dreaming up good ideas and money-making schemes, but he’s not so hot when it comes to putting these ideas into practice and following them through. He’s good at his job but may try to offload work on to other people. It may be difficult for him to commit himself to you emotionally.

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