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Each week we consult the 78 Tarot Cards and draw a card for each of the 12 zodiac signs. So, what do the Tarot cards have to tell you?

Sunday 14th - Saturday 20th February 2016

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6 of Cups - Someone or something from your past will return in a way that will help to create your future. For instance, a long-lost friend may get in touch and play a big role in your life, or an old skill may stand you in good stead. Youíre living too much in the past, or are feeling a nostalgia that is quite unfounded or misplaced.
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Knight of Pentacles - If a situation has been dragging on for a long time or has looked like a lost cause, it will soon be resolved. Your methodical and patient ways make up for a lack of inspiration at this time. This card may also represent a person who is key in your life right now - itís someone who is reliable, responsible, trustworthy and a hard worker. They donít like taking risks and this cautious approach may sometimes irritate you, and you wish that they were less pragmatic.
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4 of Wands - This is a lovely card to appear because it signifies success, contentment, and achievement after a period of hard work. If you have been pulling out all the stops in a business or career matter, you will earn the respect of others, will boost your self-confidence and may be rewarded with a pay rise or promotion. This card can also mean that you will soon be increasing your sense of emotional security and putting down roots, perhaps literally by creating a garden or moving house.
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Strength - This card has a very simple message Ė it signifies strength of purpose and of will. When it appears, itís telling you that you have much more force than you realise. This may be brute strength and sheer physical stamina, in which case itís a marvellous card for someone who is sporty or athletic. It is also a good card for someone convalescing after an illness or feeling depressed, because it shows that your strength will return. Alternatively, the card may refer to mental or emotional endurance, telling you that you have the courage, determination, staying power and sheer guts to be able to cope with your current challenges and eventually win through.
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2 of Pentacles - Thereís a balancing act whenever this card appears. It may be difficult for you to make ends meet or you find that no sooner does the money come in then it goes out again. Alternatively, you will be juggling your time or energy in some way, perhaps through family ties or extra work. Even though the going may be tough, if you can draw on your reserves of patience and endurance, everything will work out well.
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The Lovers - There are two main meanings to this card. The first, as might be expected, concerns a love affair. The Lovers can indicate an extremely strong emotional bond, such as a friendship, a working partnership, a love affair or a marriage. If you have recently fallen out with your partner this card suggests that you will be reconciled. The second meaning concerns choice Ė you will have to make a difficult decision and usually this will involve a certain amount of sacrifice. You may be torn between what you think you should do and what you would like to do. For instance, you may have to choose between two jobs, one offering financial benefits while the other promises creative satisfaction. Or you may have to balance your spiritual needs with your material ones. If so, you should think very carefully about which path to follow because the outcome will be highly significant.
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King of Pentacles - You should count your blessings and be thankful for the good things in your life. This card may represent a man who is important in your life right now - he is extremely reliable and always honours his word. Heís probably a successful businessman and is generous with money. This man is very contented with his life and can offer you good advice.
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Justice - You are in a strong position to reach the correct decision over a current challenge or problem. You will act fairly, weigh up the pros and cons and show that you have the courage of your convictions. If you are embroiled in a legal matter or a wrangle with a large institution, the outcome will be positive, provided you act in the manner suggested by this card. It sometimes appears when you need to introduce a sense of balance into your life. Itís a good sign if it appears when you are about to enter a new relationship, such as a business partnership, because this will be characterised by harmony and fairness. You can use your special powers of understanding to provide hope and dispel fear.
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Queen of Swords - You are quick-witted and intelligent. Your perception never fails and others can benefit. This card may also represent a woman who features in your life now - rather serious and solemn, she probably lives alone and has become practised at looking after herself without asking other people for help. She might be rather lonely and has had her fair share of troubles, which sheís borne with strength and patience. However, good times will return for her. This card is telling you to adopt the stoic attitude of the Queen of Swords.
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2 of Swords - Stalemate! You are stuck in a situation in which there appears to be no leeway. You canít progress, yet it seems you canít escape either. This card often appears after you have had a flaming row, when youíre caught in a legal impasse, or when youíre so frightened by the prospect of something that you feel incapable of doing anything about it. However, until you can confront your fear you will be unable to take action and will remain trapped.
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Queen of Pentacles - You are able to share your material wealth with others. You love luxury and comfort but you act responsibly. A woman who is good at business features in your life right now. She is capable, reliable and probably doesnít suffer fools gladly. Her work may involve her in financial matters, in property deals or with the land. She works very hard and enjoys the materials comforts that money brings. She finds it difficult to show her emotions but her family are important to her and she will quickly come to their support. That support is available for your now, all you have to do is ask.
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7 of Wands - If you are currently facing a difficult challenge or struggle, or some form of opposition to a current scheme, youíll succeed if you can use your willpower, courage and determination. This wonít be easy and you arenít out of the woods yet, but you will win in the end. If you are considering taking a particular course of action, this card is saying go ahead.

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