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Each week we consult the 78 Tarot Cards and draw a card for each of the 12 zodiac signs. So, what do the Tarot cards have to tell you?

Sunday 25th September - Saturday 1st October 2016

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The Empress - You are about to embark on a very creative and productive phase. You may soon become a parent or a close friend or relative is about to have a child. This is a favourable card when you have started a new love affair or are thinking of getting married because it suggests the relationship will be happy, satisfying and long lasting. It is equally good if you are thinking of moving house because it indicates that things will turn out well. This move will be particularly favourable if it brings you closer to nature, perhaps because the house is in the countryside or has a large garden. This a good time to invest in beautiful, ornate or comfortable objects. Be proud of your ideas, reassure others and share your stability and progress.
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6 of Wands - Success and achievement are the meanings of this card. It often appears when you have been working hard to finish a job or to pull off a deal, and it indicates that you will soon reap the rewards of all your efforts. Not only will you be pleased with yourself but other people will also appreciate what youíve done. Therefore, this card can be an indication of a forthcoming promotion or improved job prospects.
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The Hierophant - Also known as the Pope, the Hierophant is a powerful card that may represent a person, but more usually refers to a situation. He symbolises beliefs that are traditional, conservative and wise. If the Hierophant does represent a person, it will be someone who acts as an advisor or a counsellor in some way. You should seek professional advice or confide in a friend whose opinion and views you truly respect. If the card represents a situation, it is one in which you should take the tried and tested approach. It is not a time to fly in the face of reason or to act unconventionally. Instead, you should act in a sensible, honest and trustworthy way. This card can also symbolise the need to find more meaning in life. Telling you to look deep inside yourself to discover your spiritual values.
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2 of Swords - You will find that most of your worries about a particular situation or problem were completely unfounded. Allow others to help you, and don't be afraid to take a chance. The unexpected is going to happen: a new romance or potential love affair with one who is extremely charming, comforting, or well-to-do.
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The Chariot - You will be considering the possibility of a union with someone you like or love - what would it be like? You will want to share your deepest feelings, but will keep to yourself because you can't find an outlet or won't want to run the risk of being vulnerable, and you'll have superficial involvements or fast flings with strangers. Look to your inner world, change the way you react to events, and choose to be happy. When you let go of fear or doubt, success will come.
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The Emperor - This card can signify a person or situation. If it represents a person, then this person is authoritative and powerful, probably older than you and possibly better off, too. It may be a partner or close relative whoís the boss in the relationship. They can be dictatorial at times and may view life in a serious way. They may not have a great sense of humour but they can be depended upon for their steadfast nature, reliable character and worldly-wise advice. You are in control of a certain situation, thanks to your willpower, logic and analytical skills. You will soon be in a similar position of authority to that of the Emperor, perhaps through promotion, a new job or a rise in social status. Use your powers of leadership, logic and goodness and do not let intellect rule your feelings.
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4 of Wands - You'll feel disorganised or upset but will implement a new action that will enable you to detach yourself from a problem or free you from an obligation. Produce the best you are capable of as effectively as you can, and don't try to live up to a conception of how you think you should be - or what anyone else thinks for that matter. You are going to be disappointed because plans to unite with the one you want to see or be with will fail or be cancelled, at least for now.
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3 of Cups - Traditionally this card means a joyful celebration, so itís an excellent omen for a forthcoming party or reception. Alternatively, it signifies the end of a problem. A happy outcome may not occur automatically because you will have to work hard for it, but you can rest assured that, if you do this, everything will turn out for the best. This is also a favourable card if you have been ill or sad, because it indicates a turn in your fortunes.
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Page of Pentacles - There may be a small improvement in your finances, and there may also be the chance to make some money but this will involve plenty of hard work. You are a natural student and your ability to apply yourself with energy makes you valuable. This card may symbolises a person who figures in your life right now Ė they are trustworthy, practical, orderly, responsible and efficient. They may have an old head on young shoulders.
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The Tower - You will be working on new projects, and something that you thought was lost or impossible to recover will suddenly be found or reinstated. An unexpected event will shake your trust in the one you love, or your love for that person. There could even be a love affair. Remain calm in the face of unexpected changes or assaults, and listen to the inner voice that assures you that everything is going to be all right.
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5 of Wands - Business will expand, finances will increase, and nonproductive, defective, or negative areas will be cleared up. Look at defects and correct them. Reform some of your ideas or attitudes, and choose from a win point of view instead of lose. Don't compromise or accept defeat; you're too close to winning. Whilst love and romance will find you, your feelings will be suspended because your mind will be on other things.
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The Star - This is the wish card of the Major Arcana, telling you that a dream is about to be realised or a particular area of your life will soon bring you fulfilment and happiness. You must be positive, have hope and trust that all will be well. If you have recently been ill, unhappy or depressed, you will soon feel much better. It brings equally good news if you are awaiting the results of medical tests, an exam result, a job interview or anything else thatís worrying you. This card can also represent your creativity and artistic abilities, suggesting that you can use these talents in new ways that will bring you immense satisfaction. In addition, itís an excellent card to appear if you are embarking on a new relationship, because it shows that happy experiences and opportunities are on the way.

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