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Each week we consult the 78 Tarot Cards and draw a card for each of the 12 zodiac signs. So, what do the Tarot cards have to tell you?


Take a look at our Aries Gift Ideas Your Tarot Card 5 of Pentacles - A difficult card, this indicates that you are about to enter a temporary phase when something you truly value will be put in jeopardy. Money might be tight, a partner will be difficult or you may have doubts about a spiritual or religious belief. Sometimes you may view life from a very materialistic angle. Although this bleak patch will soon be over, it wonít be very pleasant while it lasts. Things look bad but they may not be as grim as they seem, provided you keep track of details and donít let things slide.

Take a look at our Taurus Gift Ideas Your Tarot Card Temperance - You are being urged to be moderate and to find a balance when dealing with problems. You must find a happy medium and avoid adopting an extreme point of view. You should come to terms with the past in some way in order to have a happier or more fulfilling future. You should use your innate talents in order to reach your goals. Adopt a more prudent financial approach, especially if youíve been extravagant lately or soon will be. And try to adopt a more healthy way of life, especially if you eat or drink too much. Finally, if youíve been working hard or finding life an uphill struggle, this difficult phase will end soon.

Take a look at our Gemini Gift Ideas Your Tarot Card 10 of Cups - Something is going to arise that will take your mind off things or help you relax - something pleasurable or entertaining like an artistic project, social excursion, or trip away from home. Emotion will rock the ocean in a very unusual love affair! Trust a little more.

Take a look at our Cancer Gift Ideas Your Tarot Card 3 of Swords - Whether you like it or not, changes will have to be made. But you will get what you need, and what looked like a defeat or lost cause will be the dawning of something better. Because you have experienced suffering and heartache in the past, you may not be willing to extend yourself now. Don't panic, fly off the handle, or do something rash. This experience is only temporary.

Take a look at our Leo Gift Ideas Your Tarot Card King of Wands - Your honesty and courage make you a person of strength and fortitude, Others seek your advice. This card may represent a man who is important in your life - he is friendly and chatty and has a great sense of humour. His honest and conscientious approach to life makes him popular and highly respected. Heís at his best when dreaming up good ideas and money-making schemes, but heís not so hot when it comes to putting these ideas into practice and following them through. Heís good at his job but may try to offload work on to other people. It may be difficult for him to commit himself to you emotionally.

Take a look at our Virgo Gift Ideas Your Tarot Card 3 of Pentacles - You will get together with someone on an idea or partnership and will also be making revisions in your work or presentation in order to increase your earnings or make your returns more lucrative. Don't be reticent when it comes to accepting new opportunities or pushing yourself, your ideas or your product. Memories of the past will begin to fade away, freeing you to accept new romantic opportunities.

Take a look at our Libra Gift Ideas Your Tarot Card Page of Cups - You'll offer your services to others and seek to aid those in need who could benefit from your experience, and you will be on the verge of saying yes to a major venture or project. Clearly define what you want or hope to accomplish, and if you can't get it by yourself or do it alone, ask for assistance. You will be anxious about how things will turn out in the future, romantically, but you hope they will; however, involvement will be slow.

Take a look at our Scorpio Gift Ideas Your Tarot Card 7 of Cups - Your faith in an idea or project will be dented, and you may feel as if you're losing all control. You won't know what to do and will want to take flight in order to escape, but you won't be able to make any clearcut decisions. Be thankful for all that you do have or have been given, and steer clear of negative thoughts or influences. Allowing for weakness can be disastrous in that it will undermine all the work you have done. You will experience a lot of vacillation in matters of the heart and will be looking for the right approach or the right mate. Or, you will have so many other things on your mind that love will be the furthest thing from it.

Take a look at our Sagittarius Gift Ideas Your Tarot Card 10 of Swords - There will be a complete ending in a particular area of your life. This might be an attitude of mind, a relationship or a physical situation. There is usually a sense of inevitability about this ending and, although worry, sadness or a sense of betrayal may accompany it, you will soon realise that, having hit rock bottom, the only way to go now is up. The worst has already passed. Learn from this experience and approach the future with hope and optimism.

Take a look at our Capricorn Gift Ideas Your Tarot Card Judgement - A new partnership or personal relationship is about to be established. Someone's actions or attitude will make you think twice about seeing them again, starting up again, or continuing the relationship. Accept what is going to be offered; it could change your life

Take a look at our Aquarius Gift Ideas Your Tarot Card 8 of Pentacles - You should make the most of your potential and could turn particular talents into money. This might be pin-money or it could be the beginning of a satisfying career that draws on your creative or artistic abilities. Provided you are prepared to expend a lot of effort and practical ability, youíll be able to build up a career that will be emotionally and financially satisfying.

Take a look at our Pisces Gift Ideas Your Tarot Card Knight of Wands - Either a lover will call and a sweetheart will arrive, or you will be pursued by many admirers. Your heartfelt desires are going to be met through the entry of a kindred spirit (one you've met or feel you've met before) with whom you will establish a deep rapport and a mutual feeling of affinity, passion, and trust. Don't try to assess situations and effect solutions in advance. The time will come when you'll know what is true or what to do and, if you wait for that moment, you'll leave an opening for the Universe to step in and solve things for you.

Legal Disclaimer: Under UK law, horoscopes and readings are deemed to be for entertainment purposes only and do not represent legal, financial, medical or other specialist advice.

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