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Each week we consult the 78 Tarot Cards and draw a card for each of the 12 zodiac signs. So, what do the Tarot cards have to tell you?


Take a look at our Aries Gift Ideas Your Tarot Card The Magician - There are new opportunities that will enable you to show off your talents, demonstrating your originality and inventiveness. It’s time for you to forget false modesty and to strike out in a new, dynamic and bold direction, to capitalise on your intuition, imagination and creative skills. Such a fresh start shouldn’t be entered into lightly – there’s often an element of trickery or doubt, or a difficult choice may have to be made. This card is particularly auspicious for business ventures and financial matters because it shows that you have what it takes to succeed. It can also signify an important man who will enter your life, perhaps as an advisor, friend, lover or business associate. He will be extremely aware of the power he yields.

Take a look at our Taurus Gift Ideas Your Tarot Card Knight of Swords - Your trademarks are courage, strength and skill. You are victorious in every battle. There is a situation brewing that quickly, gallops along and then comes to an end just as rapidly. You may make quick decisions or swift changes in your life. This card may also represent a person who is important you - it’s someone who loves taking action. They are clever, articulate, ambitious and have a good career. However, they can cause trouble because their impatience means they rush in where angels fear to tread.

Take a look at our Gemini Gift Ideas Your Tarot Card Page of Pentacles - There may be a small improvement in your finances, and there may also be the chance to make some money but this will involve plenty of hard work. You are a natural student and your ability to apply yourself with energy makes you valuable. This card may symbolises a person who figures in your life right now – they are trustworthy, practical, orderly, responsible and efficient. They may have an old head on young shoulders.

Take a look at our Cancer Gift Ideas Your Tarot Card 8 of Wands - New ideas or opportunities concerning your business affairs will put a new slant on your life or open new doors. Take more responsibility, initiative, or accountability for results. Leave home (if necessary) or do some shopping around, and don't be afraid to take a chance or make yourself more available or accessible to others. This is a positive time for romance. If a significant love affair doesn't begin (a very warm and enchanting one), you'll at least be charmed by an admirer or two

Take a look at our Leo Gift Ideas Your Tarot Card Page of Cups - You'll offer your services to others and seek to aid those in need who could benefit from your experience, and you will be on the verge of saying yes to a major venture or project. Clearly define what you want or hope to accomplish, and if you can't get it by yourself or do it alone, ask for assistance. You will be anxious about how things will turn out in the future, romantically, but you hope they will; however, involvement will be slow.

Take a look at our Virgo Gift Ideas Your Tarot Card Ace of Wands - Fertility and creativity bring a new beginning. This is a particularly auspicious card when you are thinking of starting a new enterprise or project that will involve plenty of hard work. It’s a good time in which to further aims and ambitions by taking the initiative and grasping opportunities as they arise. This card can symbolise an important letter, document or phone call, a forthcoming adventure or an enjoyable holiday. It can also represent the dawn of a more spiritual phase in your life. Intuition and inspiration bring fortune and happiness.

Take a look at our Libra Gift Ideas Your Tarot Card Ace of Swords - You are about to become involved in something that will really engross you. It could be a high-powered job that takes up all your time, a love affair that totally overwhelms you or a difficulty or challenge that demands all your mental energy if you’re to combat and overcome it. Any new venture or enterprise should be thought through carefully before it’s put into practice, in case you have overlooked vital details. Victory is certain. Strength, determination and intuition make an irresistible force, enough to ensure success.

Take a look at our Scorpio Gift Ideas Your Tarot Card The Hermit - You should withdraw from life because you need to spend time in contemplation, recharging your emotional or physical batteries, or simply pondering what to do next. If you are wondering which path or direction to take in life, you’ll soon be able to reach a satisfying conclusion and things will become much better. You must stand back from the situation, keep an open mind and consider all your options. You don’t yet know all the facts – perhaps a new aspect of a current situation will soon be revealed. You need not endure a current difficulty on your own and should ask other people for their help and advice.

Take a look at our Sagittarius Gift Ideas Your Tarot Card 4 of Swords - A period of hard work will be followed by a time of rest and relaxation. This card is telling you that you’ve just successfully completed something important – it could be a work project, a difficult negotiation or a testing time – and you now deserve a breather. This may be a relaxing holiday, convalescence after an illness or operation, or a time when you can take life easy and recharge your batteries.

Take a look at our Capricorn Gift Ideas Your Tarot Card The Wheel of Fortune - Life works in cycles and is always changing. Major changes are on the way - you are about to enter a new cycle, a new chapter. So, if life has been difficult or unhappy lately, this will soon change. It may not happen overnight in a dramatic turn of fate, but your fortunes will start to rise again. The change may well come from inside you rather than from an outside person or event. For instance, if you’ve been feeling depressed lately, it may be your attitude that alters rather than your circumstances, making you more optimistic or objective.

Take a look at our Aquarius Gift Ideas Your Tarot Card The Chariot - This card has several meanings, but its main message concerns a struggle. This may have already taken place or it may be in the future, but it will test your character and stamina and will require great reserves of energy. Nevertheless, the outcome will be positive and you will gain a great deal, both mentally and spiritually from the experience. This card may indicate a relationship that’s undergoing a testing time, in which firm control and steady nerves are needed. Sometimes this card refers to a financial difficulty, with you trying to defend your position, keep your head above water or reclaim what is rightfully yours. Alternatively, you may be considering a course of action that will require plenty of time, money and energy. Whatever the challenge, the Chariot is reassuring you that you will achieve your potential and the effort will be worthwhile.

Take a look at our Pisces Gift Ideas Your Tarot Card 5 of Cups - A sense of disappointment, regret, loss or even grief accompanies this card. It often appears when a relationship has come to an end or when there’s an enforced separation between you and a loved one. You may find it hard to contemplate the future with much optimism or may be completely wrapped up in your misery. Instead of focussing on what you’ve lost, you need to concentrate on what still remains, and to make the most of it.

Legal Disclaimer: Under UK law, horoscopes and readings are deemed to be for entertainment purposes only and do not represent legal, financial, medical or other specialist advice.

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