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Chinese Astrology is based on the lunar (Moon) calendar. Each Chinese sign lasts more or less for a year, beginning with the New Moon in the Sun Sign of Aquarius. This New Moon can fall at any time between early January and late February. Every twelfth year will be the year of the same animal - the Year of the Rabbit begins on 21st January 2023 and the next Rabbit year will not begin until 8th February 2035.

According to Chinese tradition, the signs were given their names by Buddha, five centuries before the birth of Christ. As Buddha lay dying he asked all the animals in the world to come to visit him and say farewell. Only twelve did so, and to thank them he offered each one their own year, so they would become immortal. The names of the Chinese Astrological Signs (in Chinese Zodiac order) are: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Hen/Rooster, Dog and Pig.

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Do not put too much reliance on expecting help from loved ones this year. They will be looking to you for support, rather than the other way round. There could be a further strain on your financial reserves, though the reasons are worthy and bring you credit.

This is a year for family celebrations. Good news will dispel the clouds of gloom that seem to have been hovering over you. For you the Rabbit's own month (March 2011) is a particularly favourable time for conception or weddings or even both!

You will have great pleasure this year in observing the success of loved ones. Family achievements bring a feeling of fulfillment to you. This is also an auspicious year for marriage arrangements and related matters.

This is your year! All matters of the heart are favourable this year. It is also an auspicious time for romance, becoming engaged, marriage or raising children. Creative artists will be inspired this year. Matters relating to agriculture and gardening will bring satisfaction.

It is best not to put too much reliance on the successful outcome of any project which is planned to come to an end this year. Unexpected demands on both your time and finances are likely to cause troublesome delays.

The emphasis this year is on personal happiness. All other considerations - whether financial, career or even your health - are given lower priorities and laid to one side. Enjoy the opportunities that life brings before they pass you by irredeemably.

horse HORSE
There are likely to be minor holds causing delays this year. An illness or adverse weather conditions may mean that important engagements have to be postponed. However the key word is "postponed" rather than cancelled. Be prepared to be flexible this year.

This will be a very satisfactory year for you, when renewed resources and outside stimulation provide the impetus and encouragement for you to advance. Use this constructive period to move house, change career or to improve your domestic and social life.

This will be a static year for you and it is advisable not to exert yourself too much. It may be necessary to postpone plans because of the unexpected ill-health of a member of your family. Use this period as a fallow time during which you can regain your strength in readiness for a new beginning.

This year is best used as a time for reviewing your present position and seeing what will be the best course of action in the future. It is not a favourable time to start any new business, embark on a new relationship or move house.

It would be unwise to make any major plans for this year, as there could be problems regarding a colleague's health. Unexpected family commitments may possibly stand in the way, causing last-minute cancellations.

This is an extremely favourable year for you, generating a stimulating and inspiring atmosphere. Use the time constructively and do not waste a moment. Help will come to you from an unexpected source, if you are bold enough to ask.

Legal Disclaimer: Under UK law, horoscopes and readings are deemed to be for entertainment purposes only and do not represent legal, financial, medical or other specialist advice.

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