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Chinese Astrology is based on the lunar (Moon) calendar. Each Chinese sign lasts more or less for a year, beginning with the New Moon in the Sun Sign of Aquarius. This New Moon can fall at any time between early January and late February. Every twelfth year will be the year of the same animal - the Year of the Dragon begins on 9th February 2024 and the next Dragon year will not begin until 28th January 2036.

According to Chinese tradition, the signs were given their names by Buddha, five centuries before the birth of Christ. As Buddha lay dying he asked all the animals in the world to come to visit him and say farewell. Only twelve did so, and to thank them he offered each one their own year, so they would become immortal. The names of the Chinese Astrological Signs (in Chinese Zodiac order) are: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Hen/Rooster, Dog and Pig.

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THE CHINESE YEAR OF THE DRAGON BY CHINESE SIGN [from 9th February 2024 until 28th January 2025]

A generally perplexing time. There will be unexpected changes, but carefully laid plans may be thwarted. Your financial situation fluctuates alarmingly; a windfall will be welcome, but must be offset against sudden demands on your resources. Progress will be made, but only after many anxious moments.

Fortunately you are a sound and reliable person who is unlikely to take unnecessary risks. For that reason, the financial pitfalls which lie ahead in the Dragon year to trap the unwary, do not pose the problems that they may do for those who are less astute than you. But it is never a fault to be careful.

A good sign for pleasant surprises. The Dragon will bring luck to many people, especially the Tiger. But let the luck come to you - donít make rash speculations.

A period when it is dangerous to take risks or speculate. It is not a favourable time for taking part in public performances or giving speeches and presentations. If this is unavoidable, great attention to every detail is vitally important.

Whilst this is your year, do not allow overconfidence to lead you to rashness during this auspicious period. Although there are some very favourable trends with the promise of rich rewards, it is easy to become caught up and exaggerate their potential benefits.

The rice doesn't gather itself. This is a positive phase provided you are willing to exert yourself and reap the harvest. If you are planning to take a new direction in life, this could be the right year.

horse HORSE
This is a favourable time for short-term projects and longer-term commitments will also prosper to some degree. Social events, the promotion of business by unconventional means or exotic holidays will repay your investment.

There will be unexpected benefits during this time, but do not make the mistake of thinking these will be permanent. A Chinese proverb says "Do not wait for the drought, to dig a well". Channel your new resources against the time when they may suddenly dry up.

This is a very favourable phase when you are capable of achieving great personal success. It is also a timely moment to start afresh. Financial reward is also promised, but you will budget your resources nevertheless. The extra benefits will be exhausted eventually.

Matters appear to be moving smoothly, but you may be tempted to take an unsound course of action. Use common sense rather than misguided inspiration.

This is not a favourable time to take risks, especially where financial investment is involved. Gambling may lead to a great loss. Plans which involve reliance on another party should be treated with caution, as the prospects do not match the promises made.

Make sure you have enough reserves to cope with emergencies. The chance to achieve a lifelong ambition will come your way, but whether you take the opportunity depends on how well you have prepared for the unexpected.

Legal Disclaimer: Under UK law, horoscopes and readings are deemed to be for entertainment purposes only and do not represent legal, financial, medical or other specialist advice.

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