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Although the day you were born establishes your zodiac sun-sign, as each year passes you will begin to feel more of the influence of the next signs. This is due to the Astrological process called Chart Progression, where each year of your life is equivalent to one sun-sign year. This doesn't mean that you become a different sign or should read another sign's horoscope. If you were born between 22nd June and 22nd July you will always be a Cancer. But the signs that follow yours will exert their influence on you at different periods in your life and help shape your destiny.

To discover the other signs' effect on you, on the calendar below, find your birth date and count forwards one day for each year of your age. For example, if you are 20 years old and were born on 3rd July counting forwards 20 you would arrive at 23rd July - indicating that from your 20th birthday you will begin to feel the Leo influence. You would begin to feel a Virgo pull from your 52nd birthday and Libra's influence from your 82nd birthday. Discover the sign that's currently influencing you, and read your lifescope below!

Sun-sign Cancer with Cancer Lifescope Influence Sun-sign Cancer with Leo Lifescope Influence Sun-sign Cancer with Virgo Lifescope Influence Sun-sign Cancer with Libra Lifescope Influence

Sun-sign Cancer with Cancer Lifescope Influence

Gentle and tender, warm and nurturing, you have been put on this earth to love and be loved. No sign is more sensitive or intuitive, and you are the first person that your friends turn to for comfort. It is only the fear of being hurt that stands between you and a truly lasting and passionate relationship. You have to learn to trust and to take chances, to say exactly how you feel and what you want. You're dreamy, a real romantic, but rather too apt to brood on past hurts

Sun-sign Cancer with Leo Lifescope Influence

This fire sign kindles a flame in your heart. You are red-hot for love and emboldened. If you have a partner already, they won't believe their luck now (although the change in you is unnerving at first). If you have still to find a soul-mate, the chances are heightened, as you get out and mix more. Job offers come out of the blue, too. Cancer's sensitivity with a dash of Leo's own legendary generosity makes an appealing mix. Beware of being too self-dramatising or demanding.

Sun-sign Cancer with Virgo Lifescope Influence

On a sensitive sign like Cancer, Virgo exerts a soothing and calming influence. But if you are quiet and reflective, this should not be mistaken for a weakness. Indeed, you have never been stronger and are simply taking control of your life, taking stock of your situation. Perhaps you should now be renewing wedding vows - or finding a new love altogether. Perhaps it is time you were properly rewarded for all your hard work.

Sun-sign Cancer with Libra Lifescope Influence

Your artistic talents come to the fore and now you have the time to indulge in them. This might mean writing, painting or composing - or just bringing some artistry to your day- to-day life. You become far more accepting of others' foibles and your love life is serene. Who would have guessed that life could hold so many treats in store? Leisure is not one of these, however, as your home becomes the still centre of a social and family whirlwind.

Legal Disclaimer: Under UK law, horoscopes and readings are deemed to be for entertainment purposes only and do not represent legal, financial, medical or other specialist advice.

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