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Although the day you were born establishes your zodiac sun-sign, as each year passes you will begin to feel more of the influence of the next signs. This is due to the Astrological process called Chart Progression, where each year of your life is equivalent to one sun-sign year. This doesn't mean that you become a different sign or should read another sign's horoscope. If you were born between 23rd September and 23rd October you will always be a Libra. But the signs that follow yours will exert their influence on you at different periods in your life and help shape your destiny.

To discover the other signs' effect on you, on the calendar below, find your birth date and count forwards one day for each year of your age. For example, if you are 20 years old and were born on 4th October counting forwards 20 days you would arrive at 24th October - indicating that from your 20th birthday you will begin to feel a Scorpio influence. You would begin to feel a Sagittarius pull from your 50th birthday and Capricorn's influence from your 79th birthday. Discover the sign that's currently influencing you, and read your lifescope below!

Sun-sign Libra with Libra Lifescope Influence Sun-sign Libra with Scorpio Lifescope Influence Sun-sign Libra with Sagittarius Lifescope Influence Sun-sign Libra with Capricorn Lifescope Influence

Sun-sign Libra with Libra Lifescope Influence

Friendly and open, you don't want for friends, but a lack of self-belief and the inability to say no can lead you into scrapes when you start to search for love. You may marry early, in haste, against wiser counsel. Still, you have a talent for relationships, and can make even the most unpromising partnership a success But, although you feel that you are nothing without love, you must use your own talents to become really special in your own right.

Sun-sign Libra with Scorpio Lifescope Influence

In a very real sense, bold and highly motivated Scorpio is your salvation, arriving in the nick of time to give you plenty of self- confidence, urging you to shine. Those who thought you were a pushover had better think again. Feckless friends and faithless lovers had better shape or or ship out! You are as eloquent as ever, but with a hard edge to your tongue that can be shocking. Your passion power surges, and with it your attraction. Your career takes an exciting turn.

Sun-sign Libra with Sagittarius Lifescope Influence

Life, to date, has been nothing if not intense, but now you start to see the lighter side. Fears and phobias melt away and you might go as far as to start a new life altogether - perhaps even overseas. You realise that security is not in bricks and mortar or steady jobs, but in a state of mind and, whoever you love now, you love deeply and trust completely. Another big surprise is your sudden enthusiasm for exercise. We may yet see you run a marathon and you never felt more sexy!

Sun-sign Libra with Capricorn Lifescope Influence

Money management and business was never your strong point - until now. In this interesting phase, your years of experience are turned to good use, and you enjoy a level of comfort you have so far only dreamed of. You can also look forward to lots of leisure, the love of family and friends, and a relationship so deep and special that you feel you have at last achieved perfection. The Capricorn mind may rule the heart, but Libra's heart is not so easily ruled - even now!

Legal Disclaimer: Under UK law, horoscopes and readings are deemed to be for entertainment purposes only and do not represent legal, financial, medical or other specialist advice.

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