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Although the day you were born establishes your zodiac sun-sign, as each year passes you will begin to feel more of the influence of the next signs. This is due to the Astrological process called Chart Progression, where each year of your life is equivalent to one sun-sign year. This doesn't mean that you become a different sign or should read another sign's horoscope. If you were born between 24th October and 22nd November you will always be a Scorpio. But the signs that follow yours will exert their influence on you at different periods in your life and help shape your destiny.

To discover the other signs' effect on you, on the calendar below, find your birth date and count forwards one day for each year of your age. For example, if you are 20 years old and were born on 3rd November counting forwards 20 days you would arrive at 23rd November - indicating that from your 20th birthday you will begin to feel a Sagittarian influence. You would begin to feel a Capricorn pull from your 49th birthday and Aquarius' influence from your 79th birthday. Discover the sign that's currently influencing you, and read your lifescope below!

Sun-sign Scorpio with Scorpio Lifescope Influence Sun-sign Scorpio with Sagittarius Lifescope Influence Sun-sign Scorpio with Capricorn Lifescope Influence Sun-sign Scorpio with Aquarius Lifescope Influence

Sun-sign Scorpio with Scorpio Lifescope Influence

You feel the results of your own magnetic attraction before you ever understand them. People are naturally drawn to you, and you grow up confident in your appeal and their approval. Free of self-doubt and inhibition, you forge ahead at school, in work, in love. The downside is that you can be just a little careless of the feelings of others, and may break a few hearts or spirits along the way. Still, you're always passionate, desiring and desirable!

Sun-sign Scorpio with Sagittarius Lifescope Influence

You become less absorbed with selfish things now, and wake up to the needs of others and the wonders of the world, while losing none of your Scorpio charisma. You become far better partnership material and are more ready to give love. Settling down is another matter. You have a real urge to travel and must seek a lover who shares your taste for the exotic. At work, job satisfaction comes before the financial rewards.

Sun-sign Scorpio with Capricorn Lifescope Influence

Now it's money that is drawn to you, as you get a taste for worldly success, and knuckle down to your career. Scorpio resources and Capricorn perfectionism are a truly unbeatable combination. You thrive on responsibility and challenge, and the rewards can be seen in your lifestyle. Only remember that a long-time partner may be a bit bewildered by the change in you, and take time to show that, deep down, you're still the amazing Scorpio lover!

Sun-sign Scorpio with Aquarius Lifescope Influence

You have always been in close touch with your own physical needs and desires, but now you are in contact with your soul. Music, the arts and literature absorb you now. Having made your fortune, you may turn to charitable work or to some creative endeavour. If you have a partner, they will feel especially cherished now. If you are seeking love, you won't have to look too far. Your own tenderness surprises and delights you. You have earned a rest and should enjoy it.

Legal Disclaimer: Under UK law, horoscopes and readings are deemed to be for entertainment purposes only and do not represent legal, financial, medical or other specialist advice.

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