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On your birthday this year you enter your 1st Solar Year. Solar Years begin on your Birthday and continue for the following 12 months - they are not calendar years.

General Feel
This is a time for being more self-sufficient and one when you can really grasp the nettle. All opportunities must be snapped up after careful consideration. An excellent time for laying down the foundations for future success in all areas.

You have the chance to start again in many areas of your life. The emphasis is on the new; there will be fresh faces in your life, more opportunities and perhaps even new experiences. If you were born on either the 1st, 19th or 28th of your month and were born under the Suns Signs of Aries or Leo then this will be an extremely important time. It is crucial during this cycle that you are prepared to go it alone, push back horizons and generally open up your mind. Time also for playing the leader or pioneer wherever necessary. If you have a hobby which you want to turn into a business, or you simply wish to introduce others to your ideas and plans, then do so when experiencing this Solar Year. This is a great time for laying down plans for long-term future gains. Therefore, make sure you do your homework well and you'll reap the rewards at a later date.

This is an ideal period for forming new bonds, perhaps business relationships, new friends and new loves too. You will be attracted to those in high positions and with strong personalities. There may also be an emphasis on bonding with people a good deal younger than you. If you are already in a long-standing relationship, then it is time to clear away the dead wood between you which may have been causing misunderstandings and unhappiness. Whether in love or business, you will find people born under the signs of Aries, Leo or Aquarius far more common in your life, also those born on the following dates (in any month): 1st, 4th, 9th, 10th, 13th, 18th, 19th, 22nd and 28th. The most important months for you in your Solar Year 1, where you are likely to meet up with those who have a strong influence on you are January, May, July and October.

It is likely that you have been wanting to break free and explore fresh horizons in your job or career and this is definitely the time for doing so. Because you are in a fighting mood, and because your decision-making ability as well as your leadership qualities are foremost, it will be an easy matter for you to find assistance as well as impress other people. Major professional changes are likely and you will also feel more independent within your existing job. Should you want times for making important career moves, then choose Mondays or Tuesdays. These are good days for pushing your luck and presenting your ideas well. Changes connected with your career are going to be more likely during April, May, July and September.

This is the time for going for check-ups - with both your dentist and doctor. A time too for people of a certain age to begin wearing glasses. The emphasis seems to be on the eyes. Start a good health regime. This will help you cope with any adverse events that most likely lie ahead. The important months for your own health as well as for loved ones are March, May and August.

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