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On your birthday this year you enter your 6th Solar Year. Solar Years begin on your Birthday and continue for the following 12 months - they are not calendar years.

General Feel
There is likely to be increased responsibility and activity within your domestic life. There will be many occasions when you will be helping loved ones and your sense of duty will be strong.

Activities for the most part are likely to be centred around property, family, loved ones, romance and your home. Your artistic appreciation will be good and you will be drawn to anything that is beautiful and colourful and possessions that have a strong appeal to your eye or ear. Where domesticity is concerned, there is a strong suggestion that you will move house. This is an excellent time for self-education, for branching out - whether simply to improve your appearance or improve your mind. When it comes to your social life you are inundated with chances to attend events. You are going to be a real social butterfly, flitting from scene to scene and thoroughly enjoying yourself. Try to accept most invitations that come your way, because they bring chances of advancement. If you were born on the 6th, 15th or 24th of any month, or if your Sun sign is Taurus, Libra or Cancer then this is going to be a cycle that will long be remembered as a very positive one.

When it comes to love, sex and romance Solar Year 6 is perhaps the most successful. It is a time for being swept off your feet, for becoming engaged or even getting married. On the negative side, perhaps there is separation or divorce. However, the latter can be avoided provided you are prepared to sit down and communicate properly. There is an emphasis, too, on pregnancy and birth, or changes in existing relationships. Circumstances will be sweeping you away. If you were born under the signs of Taurus, Cancer or Libra then it is even more likely that this will be a major cycle for you, as well as for those of you with a Destiny Number of 2, 3 or 6. The most memorable months for you this cycle are going to be February, May, September and November.

Good chances of promotion and recognition for past efforts are all coming your way this cycle. You'll be able to improve your position in life, even though it's likely that recently you've been disappointed. On the cash front, big rewards will coming flooding in, mainly because you are prepared to fulfill your obligations and commitments without complaint or protest. Others will appreciate all your efforts, so carry on and you'll find they won't go unnoticed. If you're looking for a job or arranging interviews, your best days for doing so are Monday, Thursday and Fridays. Long-tem opportunities are very strong during February, April, August, September and November. These are the key periods for pushing yourself up the ladder of success.

If you are to experience any health problems this cycle, they could be tied up with your throat, nose or tonsils, or the upper parts of the body. What you need to stay healthy this cycle is plenty of sunlight, moderate exercise, fresh air and changes of scenery. Escape to the coast if at all possible. The months for being particularly watchful are March, July, September and December. Think twice before doing anything during these times and there'll be no reason why you shouldn't stay hale and hearty.

Legal Disclaimer: Under UK law, horoscopes and readings are deemed to be for entertainment purposes only and do not represent legal, financial, medical or other specialist advice.

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