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On your birthday this year you enter your 8th Solar Year. Solar Years begin on your Birthday and continue for the following 12 months - they are not calendar years.

General Feel
This is going to be a time for success, for making important moves and changes, a time when you may gain power, and certainly one when your talents are going to be recognised.

This Solar Year gives you the chance to think big; it is a time when you can occupy the limelight and wield power. If you were born on the 8th, 17th or 26th of any month, or come under the sign of Capricorn, pay attention to this cycle and make sure you make the most of it. You should develop greater maturity and discover a true feeling of faith and destiny, both in yourself and in events that occur. This part of the cycle is connected with career, ambition and money, but debts from the past will have to be repaid. For example, an old responsibility or debt that you may have been avoiding in past years may reappear to haunt you. However, whatever you do over the next 12 months, aim high - think big, think success and above all be positive.

This particular Solar Year is one which is strongly connected with birth, divorce and marriage - most of the landmarks we experience in life, in fact. Love-wise, those who are more experienced or older than you, or people of power, authority, influence or wealth will be very attractive. You'll be back in touch with people from your past this cycle - old friends, comrades, associates and even lovers from long ago crop up once more. You should not experience any great problems romantically this cycle, especially if you are dealing with Capricorns or Librans, or with those whose Destiny Number is 3, 6 or 8. The best months for romance to develop are likely to be March, July and September.

Solar Year 8 is generally believed to be the best one when it comes to bringing in cash. It is also good for asking for a rise or achieving promotion or authority over other people. This is your year for basking in the limelight of success, the result perhaps of your past efforts. Now you will be rewarded. Financial success is all but guaranteed, provided you keep faith with your ambitions and yourself. It is important that you set major goals for yourself and work slowly towards them. You will be surprised how easily they are fulfilled. Conversely, if you are looking for work, then do set up interviews and meetings on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday - these will be your luckiest days. Also watch out for chances to do yourself good during February, June, July, September and November.

You can avoid most health problems, particularly headaches, constipation or liver problems by avoiding depression and feelings of loneliness. It is important when these descend that you keep yourself busy enough not to dwell on them. When it comes to receiving medical attention you would be well advised to get a second opinion. Eat wisely, try to keep a positive and enthusiastic outlook on life and all will be well. Periods which need special care are January, May, July and October. Therefore if these months fall during your winter, wrap up well and dose yourself with vitamins.

Legal Disclaimer: Under UK law, horoscopes and readings are deemed to be for entertainment purposes only and do not represent legal, financial, medical or other specialist advice.

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