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Whether you call them Spirit Animals, Familiars or Animal Totems, they are any natural or mythical animal to whom you feel a close connection during your life or some particular period of your life. By getting to know your Animal Totem, you can gain insight and understanding of your own life circumstances more clearly, and share in the totem power. Animal Totems manifest a specific kind of energy that will align to forces of the spiritual realm that are influencing your life. Wearing depictions of, or surrounding yourself with images of your Animal Totem means you are never alone. Your Totem will teach lessons you need to learn, to have the life you want.

Here we show a list of animals and insects and the traditional symbolism associated with them.

Bear - going within, sweetness of life
Bee - honesty, pure thinking, willingness, drive
Butterfly - transformation, joy, happiness
Cat - magic, intuition, subconscious
Dog - protection, loyalty, companionship
Dolphin - joy, spiritual depth, play, harmony, communication, trust
Dove - peace, love, purity
Dragon - power, strength, wisdom
Dragonfly - flighty, carefree, swift, activity, shamanistic, supernatural powers, skill, refinement, relentlessness, dreamtime, illusion, spring, water
Duck - comfort, protection
Eagle - spiritual recognition
Elephant - strength, loyalty, intelligence, good luck
Fish - Christianity, fertility, luck
Flamingo - beauty, balance, grace
Frog - cleansing, renewal, abundance, fertility, transformation
Hare - growth, rebirth, abundance, fertility, good fortune
Hedgehog - protection, intuition, fertility
Horse - freedom, power, grace
Hummingbird - joy, life, love
Jaguar - spiritual, power, strength
Ladybird - delight, trust
Owl - wisdom, clairvoyance, vision, insight, magic
Penguin - mystery, intrigue, transformation
Pig - fertility, wealth, courage
Raven - courage, magic
Rabbit - creativity, safety, conquering fear, fertility
Rhinoceros - spiritual idealism, ancient wisdom, discovery
Robin - Robins are symbols of good luck, happiness and rebirth. The well-known phrase"When robins appear, loved ones are near" alludes to the belief that the Robin is a messenger. When Robins are seen, some people take comfort that loved ones are at peace and many believe that their lost loved ones are visiting them. In Celtic folklore the robin is known as the Oak King of Summer.
Scarab Beetle - new beginnings, re-birth
Seahorse - confidence, grace
Serpent - the cyclical nature of life, a phallic symbol, a symbol of the Triple Goddess and of the earth mysteries
Snail - perseverance, determination
Snake - strength, protection, re-birth
Spider - web of life, interconnectedness, industrious, creative, pattern of life, connects the past with the future, creating possibilities
Starfish - radiates guidance through the waves and storms of the world and grants comfort to the faithful
Swan - gracefulness, beauty and calm, the presence of Divine inspiration in our world
Turtle - completion, protection, love and protection, healing and knowledge, self-contained, creative source, earth, informed decisions, planning, adaptability
Whale - creativity, well-being, nurturing, unity, emotional depth
Wolf - a symbol of fierce loyalty, while at the same time wild individualism. A wolf howling at the full moon is an indication of the fulfillment of your desires and ambitions if you can connect well with your instincts
Unicorn - chastity, purity, dreams, virtue, strength, integrity, magic, healing, freedom

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