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Customs & Excise advise people purchasing goods over the internet to be aware that when those goods arrive from overseas they will be subject to Customs controls.

In some cases this means:
* duty and GST may be payable;
* it may be a prohibited import and require a permit before it is allowed into the country; or
* it may be a prohibited import and not allowed into the country under any circumstance and will be seized by Customs for destruction

Delivery to non-UK/European Union countries may result in import duties being required to be paid on receipt of the goods, or in the case of prohibited items, seizure of goods. You agree under our terms and conditions of sale to be liable for these duties and in the case of seizure to accept full legal responsibility and to acknowledge that a refund under either of these circumstances will not be made.

It is advisable to contact your Customs & Excise department prior to placing an order to ascertain the legal requirements for the importation of goods into your country.


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