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Your Motivation Number (also known as your Heart or Soul number), taken from the vowels in the full name by which you are usually known, represents your dharma or guiding essence. It is the inner you that is trying to express itself in the outside world. It is the very essence of who you are and it indicates your innermost desires, the way you would like to be in a perfect world and what you may fantasise about.

If you are always known by a nickname or a shortened name (i.e. christened Susan but always known as Sue) then you should use this to calculate your Motivation Number. Ignore any middle names unless they form part of the name by which you are known.

The letter Y is counted as either a consonant or a vowel depending on how it is pronounced in a name, e.g. in the name 'Young' the letter Y is a consonant, however in the name 'Murphy' the letter Y is classed as a vowel as it is pronounced as a vowel ('ee'). One golden rule is if there are no vowels in your name whatsoever then Y is always classed as a vowel (e.g. Lynch).

Convert the vowels of your full name into numbers, using the Pythagorean system as follows, and add up all the numbers until you arrive at a number between 1 and 9 or either 11 or 22:
Pythagorean system

Using Sam Smith as an example, his Motivation Number - 1 - is calculated as follows
Sam Smith - Motivation Number

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Motivation Number 1 - You seek to be independent and able to take care of your own needs. You long to break new ground, to pioneer and lead others into new territory. You are attracted to ideas of braveness, leadership, and strength.

Motivation Number 2 - You seek situations where you can work closely with others. Marriage and a life of help and service to others will be important. You avoid aggression and are instead attracted to ideas of peace and co-operation.

Motivation Number 3 - You long to communicate, express yourself, and be among people. Popularity and the social scene are very important to you. You are attracted to the arts. You seek to be a go-between, catalyst, or middleman.

Motivation Number 4 - You're a lover of tradition, the home and routine. You seek security and a place and job that you can depend upon. You are attracted to hard, even repetitive work or routines. You are inspired by the mundane.

Motivation Number 5 - You shun routine and crave the new and different. You would rather not be tied down and instead prefer to move around and be free. You are adaptable, witty and love enjoyment and living for today.

Motivation Number 6 - Your home and family are a top priority for you. You seek out responsible situations and thrive on details. You are attracted to ideas of conservation, saving and caring. You seek to be a peacemaker.

Motivation Number 7 - You are driven to question and ponder about your life and the universe. You will tend to want to be by yourself and live alone more than most ... your head in the clouds, your thoughts on philosophy and deeper issues.

Motivation Number 8 - You are attracted and driven towards large-scale management and business, desiring to have and control your own life situation and to be successful. You like wealth, politics, power and the mainline scene.

Motivation Number 9 - You have an inner drive to benefit others and humanity and worldwide plans are the ones for you. Teaching, philosophy, and helping mankind are first on your list. You are brave, kind and generous.

Motivation Number 11 - You have a wealth of inner vision and inspiration that drives you to give and share this knowledge with others. Highly motivated and guided, your mission and knowledge are apparent to all who meet you.

Motivation Number 22 - You have the highest ideals and are very motivated. Giving and affecting the world on the largest scale is indicated. You are driven to build and plan. Your mission and intelligence are clear to all.

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