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For as long as we have been able to count, numbers have been a source of fascination. It was the Greek mathematician and astrologer Pythagoras (c.580-c.500 BC) who first put forward the theory that everything in life - from music to one's name - could be symbolised and ruled by a number. Despite the fact that many people later developed his ideas, Pythagoras is considered to be the father of numerology and his Pythagorean school was the cradle from which our present numerology stems.

In numerology, only 11 numbers are used, from 1 to 9 plus 11 and 22. Any other number is reduced to one of these numbers by adding the digits together. For example, 37 is reduced by adding 3+7 to make 10, and then further reduced by adding 1+0 to give 1.

Here we consider several types of number - each of them helping us explore different facets of our inner selves. We show you how to calculate each type of number - and the meaning of each individual number by type.

Destiny Number - It is through this number and what it symbolises that you will work out your own destiny
Personality Number - Provides an insight into what you have been given to do, your personality or life circumstances
Expression Number - Represents how you appear, act, and are in life - you as others see and know you
Motivation Number - Is the inner you that is trying to express itself in the outside world
Solar Year Number - Helps you understand the opportunities and issues you may face in the 12 months following your birthday in any given year

Find out your numbers and what they say about you


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