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Your Personality Number, taken from the full name by which you are usually known, shows your natural abilities and talents, and your strengths and weaknesses. If you are always known by a nickname or a shortened name (i.e. christened Susan but always known as Sue) then you should use this to calculate your Personality Number. Ignore any middle names unless they form part of the name by which you are known.

Convert the letters of your full name into numbers, using the Pythagorean system as follows, and add up all the numbers until you arrive at a number between 1 and 9 or either 11 or 22:
Pythagorean system

Using Sam Smith as an example, their Personality Number - 3 - is calculated as follows
Sam Smith - Personality Number

Go to your Personality Number:

Personality Number 1 - You are forceful, innovative and freedom-loving, very much like those with Destiny Number 1. You may have been a slow starter in life, but once you get going there's no stopping you, especially if you use your creativity. In fact, you react very badly to any sort of restriction, especially if One is also your Destiny Number. You need plenty of change in your life because of the stimulation it brings you.

Personality Number 2 - You are tactful, diplomatic and able to soothe hurt feelings. This makes you invaluable in situations that need careful arbitration, because you are a skilled negotiator. However, you tend to retreat into your shell at the first sign of difficulty - you probably consider this to be protective action although others may construe it as sulking. You like to hold on to relationships, belongings, jobs or anything else that you value, sometimes long after you should have moved onto something new. This is because of your emotional sensitivity, which can make you overly protective of loved ones.

Personality Number 3 - You are a creative, skilled communicator and extremely good company. You're extrovert, charming, cheerful and optimistic - things are always going to get better. You enjoy considerable success, especially if your career puts you in the public eye or capitalises on your ability to communicate. Clothes are important, although you prefer to dress in your own style rather than to slavishly follow fashion. You need a busy, varied life otherwise you will become jaded and bored. The same goes for relationships - anything that becomes too much of a routine, too predictable or restricting will make you unhappy and could send you off in search of pastures new.

Personality Number 4 - You love order and structure. You feel edgy when you aren't sure of what the future holds, and you like your life to be stable, organised and built on solid foundations. You are immensely practical and are always dependable in a crisis. However, you must avoid taking yourself or life too seriously, otherwise your reliability and common sense can turn into a rather peevish, pessimistic approach. The number Four is closely associated with nature, so it is important for you to spend a lot of time outdoors.

Personality Number 5 - Adventure is your lifeblood. You need to keep on the move and you cannot bear the thought of life becoming stagnant or boring. Every so often you are compelled to make major changes in your life, despite the effect this might have on the people around you. At times, you may even introduce change purely for the sake of it. This can lead to recklessness and a dare-devil approach to life. You are always looking ahead - to the next job, holiday, and even the next love affair (you are not known for your fidelity). You love travel and may even emigrate.

Personality Number 6 - You are an instinctive helper of others., someone who needs to be of service. You may express this through your job (which may be a vocation), your family life or the way you fill your spare time. As a result, you are usually given plenty of responsibility, although you may take this to extremes at times by becoming too perfectionist and nit-picking. You find it easy to handle money and are especially successful when you're self-employed - you have the requisite stamina and desire to do well. You are loving and need an harmonious relationship, yet you can be intolerant of people who don't measure up to your high standards, not only emotionally but also physically and sartorially.

Personality Number 7 - You operate in a different way from the rest of us. You appear to listen to the beat of a different, somewhat mystical drum and follow a different path. You are strongly psychic, experiencing powerful intuitions, vivid dreams and an ability to tune into whatever is going on around you. Perhaps for this reason, music can play a vital role in your life, whether you are a performer or a listener. Relationships usually go well, provided your partner respects your need for solitude and your powerful desire to express yourself creatively. You live inside your head and your contemplative nature may make you merely absent-minded or distinctly other-worldly.

Personality Number 8 - You need to be in control of your surroundings, and usually are. You have excellent organisational skills, being able to motivate not only yourself to extraordinary lengths, but also everyone around you. Your streak of perfectionism can get you far, although you may reach your goal alone - partners and associates will have fallen by the wayside long before, either unable to match the relentless pace or isolated by your over-riding need for material success. So you must learn to relax more in relationships.

Personality Number 9 - You have strong humanitarian and philanthropic ideals, and a deep need to work for the common good, which may take on many unusual forms. You are also practical, thanks to your talent for organisation and the ability to make things happen. You enjoy travelling and may spend months exploring a country and getting to know its people. You have powerful visionary tendencies but can sometimes be impatient for the desired results, which makes you chivvy others along. This does not always go down well and can reflect badly on you. You probably have a few deep secrets that you don't want anyone else to know, and you enjoy cloak-and-dagger encounters.

Personality Number 11 - You are an excellent communicator and are probably drawn to or involved in the media world. You are an idealist and probably want to spread a particular message, in which case you should ensure your innate ability to influence others is used in positive and wise ways. Close relationships may be a stumbling block because you are usually so wrapped up in your ambitions that friendships have to take second place. You may also be rather bossy.

Personality Number 22 - It's hard to ignore you, partly because of your charisma and magnetism, and partly because you make a tremendous success of your life. You have the ambition and determination to get on top of whichever area of life you concentrate on, although you should resting on your laurels, giving up halfway through a project or assuming that you know more than you do about a subject. In relationships you may be slow to commit yourself, which can be frustrating for your partner, who won't know where they stand. Once committed, however, you are extremely faithful.

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