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Jupiter is the largest planet in our Solar System and takes approximately 12 years to travel through all signs of the Zodiac, spending on average 1 year in each. Luck and good fortune are associated with Jupiter and the sign in which Jupiter falls in your birth chart is known as your Lucky Sign. Jupiter often turns Retrograde - having a restrictive effect on your life path.

In mythology, Jupiter was Roman the god of the sky, of daylight, of the weather (which he produced) and particularly of thunder and lightening (the Greek god Zeus). Jupiter's place in Roman religion was important - he was seen as the supreme power, the president of the council of the gods and the source of all authority. His brothers were Neptune and Pluto. The Tarot card associated with Jupiter is The Wheel of Fortune.

Jupiter Glyph The glyph for Jupiter resembles the number four, but is in fact made up of the cross of matter surmounted by the crescent of soul. Jupiter's natural direction is uplifting (indeed, Gustav Holst called Jupiter the 'Bringer of Jollity' in his Planets Suite). Jupiter is always attempting to transmute the grosser of energies of matter into a more refined form Jupiter

In a Birth Chart, Jupiter represents physical and emotional expansion, helping you develop a philosophical attitude to life and an understanding of foreign cultures and people.

The Sign Jupiter occupied at the time of your birth indicates your expectations of life; how you search for meaning in life; your generosity of spirit; your spiritual or moral ideals; how you harness or challenge prevailing cultural beliefs.

The House Jupiter occupied at the time of your birth shows in what area of life you find a sense of purpose; what kind of experience broadens your understanding of life; where things fall into place most easily; where you take life most for granted.

The Aspects Jupiter received from the other planets at the time of your birth indicate areas of your personality that will be broadened.

In a Synastry Chart, Jupiter works at an unconscious level, indicating the stimulus and encouragement you offer for the continued growth and development of the relationship.

In both cases, Jupiter is a masculine energy, working most powerfully from Sagittarius and the 9th House of Ideals and Higher Education respectively.

Jupiter Return
Every 12 years Jupiter returns to the sign it occupied at the time of your birth. These Jupiter Returns are the beginning of a new cycles of opportunity and expansion for you in the area of your life governed by the House the Return falls in.

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