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Mercury is never more than 28 degrees from the Sun, taking approximately 88 days to travel the Zodiac and therefore only spending, on average, a week in each sign. This planet governs communications of all kinds, your intellect and how you think - the sign in which Mercury falls in your Destiny Chart is known as your Communication Sign. Mercury frequently turns Retrograde in any given year - and at these times your communication with others will be seriously challenged.

In mythology, Mercury was the Roman god who protected merchants and travellers (the Greek god Hermes). Mercury was depicted as the messenger of Jupiter and even as his servant in some of Jupiter's more amorous exploits. Mercury is typically depicted with a wand, broad-brimmed hat, winged sandals and a purse - the symbol of the profit to be derived from trade. The Tarot card associated with Mercury is The Magician.

Mercury Glyph Mercury's glyph is one of only two that includes all the primary shapes - the circle of spirit, with the crescent of soul above and the cross of matter below; symbolising receptivity through the triumph of spirit over matter. The glyph is similar to Mercury's caduceus - a winged baton with two intertwined serpents around the shaft - that had the power to resolve conflicts and disputes. A symbol of wisdom, the caduceus has been adopted by the medical profession as their emblem - suggesting the natural healing powers of the mind Mercury

In Destiny Charts, Mercury influences how your mind works, how you reach decisions and communicate with others.

The Sign Mercury occupied at the time of your birth indicates your mentality; how you communicate; your powers of observation; your nervous energy; the way you access your unconscious mind; how you acquire and use knowledge and what turns you on mentally.

The House Mercury occupied at the time of your birth shows what area of life stimulates your mind; what interests you; what fires your imagination; what arouses your curiosity; where you open yourself to new experiences; types of commercial activity you may become involved in.

The planets which aspected Mercury at the time of your birth are said to be intellectualised they can sharpen your mental focus or cause tension and stress.

In a Synastry Chart, Mercury influences your capacity to communicate and reach agreement with your partner and brings stability to any activity you share.

In both cases, Mercury assumes the gender of the Sign in which it falls and works most powerfully from Gemini and Virgo and the 3rd and 6th Houses of Communication/Mental Ability and Health/Work respectively.

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