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Neptune was discovered in 1846 and is the second of the 'modern' planets. It takes 165 years to traverse the Zodiac, staying in each sign for 14 years ~ it therefore exerts a mass influence on a generation. Neptune rules what you cannot touch - he is the master of illusion. The planet affects everything from fantasy to fashion. The sign in which Neptune falls in your Natal Chart is known as your Spiritual Sign and will tell you why you search for answers in the skies or consider yoga as the best outlet for your imagination. Neptune often turns Retrograde - its retrograde influence affecting inner thought of a generation more than usual.

In mythology, Neptune was the Roman god of the sea (the Greek god Poseidon). His festival was celebrated at the height of summer (23rd July) during the season of the greatest dryness. His brothers were Jupiter and Pluto. The Tarot card associated with Neptune is The Hanged Man.

Neptune Glyph Often drawn as a trident, Neptune's glyph consists of the cross of matter projected upwards so that it penetrates the crescent of soul. This symbol corresponds to the interface between spirit and matter - the realm where alternative states of consciousness intrude into physical reality Neptune

In a Birth Chart Neptune's influence is generational, affecting all who were born in the same 14-year period.

The Sign Neptune occupied at the time of your birth shows how you set out to fulfill your dreams; how you open your perceptions to other realities; your capacity for self-deception; how you seek to escape from what disenchants you most.

The House Neptune occupied at the time of your birth shows in what areas of life you seek to transcend mundane reality; where you seek inspiration; where you are most likely to experience disillusionment; where your ego is most fragile.

The Aspects Neptune received at the time of your birth are not as important as the primary planets, as Neptune's effect is generational.

In Synastry Chart Neptune operates at an unconscious level, indicating the areas of your relationship which are built on less stable foundations of fantasy and illusion.

In both cases, Neptune works most powerfully from Pisces and the 12th House of the Unconscious Self and Compassion.

Legal Disclaimer: Under UK law, horoscopes and readings are deemed to be for entertainment purposes only and do not represent legal, financial, medical or other specialist advice.

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