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Saturn takes 29 years to complete one cycle of the Zodiac, spending over 2 years in each sign. Saturn is a strong disciplinarian and teaches us our lessons in this lifetime, it can be restricting and inhibiting. The sign in which Saturn falls in your Natal Chart is known as your Karmic Sign.

In mythology, Saturn was a very old Roman god (the Greek god Cronus). Saturn was said to have come from Greece to Italy in early times, when Jupiter dethroned him and hurled him from Olympus. Saturn then established himself on the site of the future Rome. Saturn taught people how to cultivate the ground, and was depicted with a scythe. He was however, sometimes considered as the god of the Underworld. The Tarot card associated with Saturn is The World.

Saturn Glyph The glyph for Saturn is the cross of matter rising above the crescent of soul. His symbol is a reminder that, as far as the planet's interests are concerned, the demands of the material world take precedence over spirituality Saturn

In a Birth Chart, Saturn represents authority, caution and your inner voice, and should not be ignored.

The Sign Saturn occupied at the time of your birth indicates how you respond to restriction; your fears and inner feelings of inadequacy; how you can learn to work within your limitations; qualities you need to develop to overcome shortcomings.

The House Saturn occupied at the time of your birth shows in what area of life you feel most inhibited; where you must live within your limitations; where you over compensate for feelings of inadequacy; where you have to work hardest. It shows the area of life that will create the frustrating ambivalence of wanting and yet not wanting the life content associated with that house.

The Aspects Saturn received from the other planets at the moment of your birth can either be inhibiting or stabilising they should not be ignored.

In a Synastry Chart, Saturn works at a subconscious level and indicates the underlying strength and endurance of your relationship.

In both cases, Saturn is a masculine energy and works most powerfully from Capricorn and the 10th House of Ambitions and Aspirations.

Saturn Return
Every 28-29 years Saturn returns to the sign it occupied at the time of your birth. These Saturn Returns are major periods of reassessment when people question whether they are following the right path or life plan and ask themselves what they need to do in order to grow and also what they must let go of in order to move forward.

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