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Uranus is the first of the 'modern' planets, discovered in 1781. As it takes 84 years to complete one cycle of the Zodiac (7 years in each sign), it exerts a generational influence over many people. Uranus is the planet of revolution, its influence can be traced to world wars in the early part of the 20th Century and to the sit-ins and protests of the early 1960s. The placing of Uranus in a birth chart adds personality, willfulness and a dash of rebellion to each generation. The sign in which Uranus falls in your birth chart is therefore known as your Rebellion Sign. Uranus often turns retrograde (backwards), causing more unrest than usual.

In Roman mythology, Uranus was the personification of the sky as a female element. Married to Gaia he sired many children by her (45 according to some legends!) - amongst these were the three Cyclopes, six male Titans, the six female Titanides and Saturn. Uranus was the first king of the Atlantes and taught them civilisation and initiated them into culture. He was also a very skilled astronomer: Uranus devised the first calendar from the movement of the stars and predicted the principal events which would occur in the world. The Tarot card associated with Uranus is The Fool.

Uranus Glyph The glyph for Uranus is one of only two that contains all three elements - the cross of matter above the circle of spirit, flanked by two crescents of soul - symbolising the planet's search for a higher truth through exploring the nature of existence Uranus

In a Birth Chart, Uranus' influence is generational, affecting people born within the same 7-year period.

The Sign Uranus occupied at the time of your birth shows how you deal with outmoded patterns of behaviour; your aptitude for radical thought and action; your readiness to rock the boat; the urge to break free; your vision of the future.

The House Uranus occupied at the time of your birth shows in what area of life you seek freedom of expression; where you can open up to the need for change; where you tend to deviate from the norm; where your rebellious streak can cause most disruption.

The Aspects Uranus received from the other planets at the moment of your birth signifies how this rebelliousness manifests itself in you.

In a Synastry Chart, Uranus has a catalytic effect on relationships and indicates the compulsive, impulsive behaviour stimulated by the relationship with your partner.

In both cases, Uranus is an androgynous energy, working most powerfully from Aquarius and the 11th House of the Social Life.

Uranus Opposition
Between the ages of 38-44 Uranus will be in the opposite sign to that which it occupied at the time of your birth. This can be a time of mid-life crises involving dramatic change and endings - all that is outgrown must be let go so that something new can emerge,

Uranus Return
At around the age of 84, Uranus returns to the sign it occupied at the time of your birth. This is a time of assessment and reassessment of your life and an opportunity to move to a higher state of awareness.

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