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The Zodiac is an imaginary belt in the sky which represents the orbit of the Sun around the Earth. This system was devised by Claudius Ptolemy, a Roman astrologer, who deemed that the Earth was stationary and all the planets and stars revolved around it. Known as the Ptolemaic System, this system is still used today by astrologers, even though we know now that Earth and all the other planets in our Solar System orbit the Sun. The zodiac belt is divided into 12 sections, of 30° each, with each section named after a constellation - these are the Signs of the Zodiac - known as Sun Signs (not Star Signs!).

Your Sun Sign indicates the sign of the Zodiac the Sun occupied at the time of your birth. The Sun rules your willpower and ego and it is the core of your potential and uniqueness as an individual - who you are and what makes you tick.

Your Sun Sign represents the direction and focus of your life and your determination to achieve your aims and ambitions. It also represents your integrity, your ability to command respect and your ability to impress and influence others. It represents the outer you - how others see you.


Sagittarius Glyph Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac, symbolised by the Archer. It is a masculine Fire sign, ruled by the planet Jupiter. People whose birthdays fall between November 22 to December 20 are said to be born under the sign of Sagittarius. However if you were born on the day when the Sun moved signs you will need to know your time of birth to determine which Sun sign you really are. The Tarot card associated with Sagittarius is Temperance.

The Sun in Sagittarius makes you optimistic and sincere, with an insatiable thirst for exploration. Cherishing freedom and aiming high, you hate detail and hypocrisy - you need to learn to be more disciplined. Your enthusiasm can often lead to risk-taking and foolhardiness - you will therefore need to govern, if not curb, you ardour. Your tendency to move swiftly from one task to another is a useful quality, but there can be a tendency to do too many things at once. You have great breadth of vision but often find details boring.

Claustrophobia is your enemy, and any partnership in which your lover is possessive will be difficult. Relationships need to be based on shared intellectual pursuits. You would make a wonderful parent because you would encourage and stimulate your children. As a child, you were enthusiastic and were probably encouraged to concentrate your zeal in one direction.

Challenge is essential for you; publishing and the law are typical Sagittarian professions. You tend to learn languages easily and would make an enthusiastic teacher or lecturer. You enjoy physical and intellectual travel. You love food and drink and, even with a strict exercise regime, tend to put on weight.

Although everyone born under the same Sun-sign shares some basic traits, the date you were born determines which type of Sagittarius you really are.

Each sign of the Zodiac comprises thirty degrees and thus each Zodiac Sign can be divided into three subsections called Decans. Each Decan corresponds to 10 degrees or roughly 10 days of a Zodiac Sign's time period. Every sign will have three Decans and each Decan has a planetary ruler which becomes the co-ruler of that particular sign. Decans can provide a more detailed account of an individual's personality traits and character and reveal how people born under the same Zodiac Sign can be very different.

Find the date you were born below to discover the traits of your particular Sun-sign Decan!

1st Decan 22nd - 30th November: Ruled by Jupiter you are blessed with super-optimism, courage and a sense of fun, balanced by an earnest love of learning. In work, you crave freedom and you go far (often literally, travelling the world). You are a stimulating, fun-to-be-with, wonderfully unconventional lover.
2nd Decan 1st - 10th December: Influenced by Mars you have an extra zest for life and a compulsion to translate thought into action. A strong will combines with a generous nature, to make you a great but demanding friend or lover. Work must challenge you mentally and physically. And, of course, your passion power is red-hot throughout your life - and so is your stamina level.
3rd Decan 11th - 20th December: Influenced by the Sun you have a much heightened sense of drama and ambition, a double dose of optimism and a strong, magnetic presence. Life, love and work are all big adventures, and you crave the reward of recognition, not just wealth. And loyalty matters, too.

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