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The Sun takes approximately 30 days to travel through each sign and therefore 1 year to traverse the Zodiac. It is the sign in which the Sun falls in your Natal Chart that people commonly refer to when asked 'what is your Star Sign?'

Sun Glyph The astrological symbol for the Sun is a circle, the symbol of eternity, with a dot in the centre, representing the divine spark that is within each one of us. It is through the power of the Sun that we have the potential to find inner illumination and to define ourselves in relation to the universe The Sun

The Sun is the planet of the Essential Self - representing your vitality, will and identity. The Sun gives us illumination, enlightenment, meaning and direction in our lives. The Tarot card associated with the Sun is The Sun.

In a Destiny Chart the Sun represents your vitality, creativity and self-expression (how others see you) and how you relate to men. The planet symbolises an endless journey - the voyage of self-discovery; only here, the struggle is an internal one in which the Sun, representing your awakening consciousness, wrestles with the darkness of the unconscious elements of the psyche. It is essentially, a symbol of destiny and represents a lifetime's quest to discover our true potential.

The Sign the Sun occupied at the time of your birth indicates your sense of identity; your level of self-confidence and vitality; your will and purpose in life; your conscious self-expression and your blind spots.

The House the Sun occupied at the time of your birth shows the area in life you seek to establish your identity; where you can shine; your creative nature; where you look for recognition and which area you will put your heart into.

The Aspects the Sun received from other planets at the time of your birth show how the Sun's influence expresses itself in you.

In a Synastry Chart the Sun establishes the fundamental basis of the relationship and shows how you respond to others.

In both cases, the Sun works most powerfully from Leo and the 5th House of Creativity and Pleasure.

Find out more about the Zodiac Sun-Signs by clicking the image below:

Find out more about the Zodiac Sun Signs

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